The annual Community Children’s Christmas Celebration at the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur has always been completely different. At the YMCA KL, for a century the Christmas Tree was always a reason to gather and share joy. The earliest article written about the Christmas Tree in our records was in 1927, when there were games for the children to play with within the grounds of our past building, meeting with big ol’ Saint Nick and being given presents bought by YMCA KL through the generous donations of its earliest philanthropic and kind Members. The novel idea of our Christmas Wishing Tree for the past five years has since become a tribute to the century long tradition of why we celebrate our Christmas here in our Home of YMCA KL.


We at YMCA KL would like to invite you to be a part of this traditional legacy.


What is Christmas without the joyful laughter of the little ones?

What is Christmas without sharing joy and goodwill?


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