Football Friendly For Kids @YMCA KL! Our Team’s First Football Match!

18 Feb 2017

Football Friendly For Kids @YMCA KL! Our Team’s First Football Match!

YMCA KL Football School Team


Saturday, 18 Feb 2017 | Morning

YMCA KL Football Field, Kuala Lumpur


The YMCA KL Football School which had its humble beginnings last May, organized a competitive friendly football match with its neighbor Pemuda Brickfields Football Academy on a bright and sunny morning at the YMCA KL football field on Feb 18 2017.


The occasion was one to note down in the historical books as it was the first time in YMCA KL’s history that they managed to set up a football school of their own and develop a team of youngsters 12 and below to represent the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur in football.


The YMCA KL Football School since its inception has had a steady growth with boys and girls ages 4 years to 12 years from Malaysia and India all members of the YMCA KL, training hard on the weekend. Their dedication was rewarded when they finally had the chance to represent the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur in a competitive friendly football match.


The under 12 team had a tough challenge against their more seasoned opponent losing a hard fought and energetic match. The Under 8’s had a more even playing field enjoying football with their peers. The smiles of all parents were reward in itself for the kids as they trooped off with heads held high.


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YMCA KL Football School: Friendly Match Feb 2017



Know More about The YMCA KL Football School

The objective of the YMCA KL Football School is empowering young people through sports, providing them a platform for building good character, dynamic physical development in a strong multiracial and international community building positive environments and relationships.  The uniqueness of this football school is they approach football and training in a whole new light with emphasis on proper manners and consideration of others through football based on Biblical principles. YMCA KL and the football schools’ Coaches hope to nurture the young to be good, moral abiding citizens as well as good footballers. The coaching is done Saturday mornings at the YMCA KL Football Field by Coach Jarson and his team. They are mentored by ex- National footballer Wong Kuw Fu.



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