The YMCA KL, short for the Young Men’s Christian Association of Kuala Lumpur is a Voluntary, International, Christian, ecumenical movement that endeavours to echo the cultural identity of the Nation in which it exists and serves. It is a well-established autonomous non-profit Christian charity organization, founded on 27th of October 1905. We began with the core intention of initiating cause driven awareness by serving the evolving community at large in Klang Valley for more than a century through sustaining the true balance in Body, Mind and Spirit as the essential core personal values of each individual that experience the YMCA.


Aside from being one of the earliest non-profit organizations in Malaysia with a crucial philanthropic legacy, the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur is also a Membership organisation that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, religions, and abilities to experience self-growth and empowerment. Our programmes, activities, courses, projects and events are driven by our Causes for Members to embrace diversity, encourage harmony and emulating core family values through a healthy lifestyle of learning, training and personal development.


We strive to be the choice Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) in Malaysia in providing services characterized by love, justice and peace; and prioritized our work based on the analyses and participation of the community so that our movement can help to bring about the desired changes. YMCA KL offers a wide range of progressive programmes including Christian mission programmes, sports and fitness programmes, alternative tourism programmes through their participation in the regional YMCA-APAY Global Alternative Tourism Network, children and youth development programmes, martial arts training, community sports development programmes, educational and enrichment courses, senior citizens and deaf development programmes, cause-based projects, and more.





We Began With Change


The Young Men’s Christian Association’s existence was conceived on 10 August 1905 at a public meeting in the, then Kuala Lumpur Town Hall, when 39 young men gave their names to vouch in their desire to form a branch of the YMCA for the Klang Valley.