Global Alternative Tourism Network (GATN)

Global Alternative Tourism Network (GATN)


Through locally customized programmes, the YMCA Global Alternative Tourism Network works across borders and channels packaged enrichment trips through socio-cultural education, collaborative philanthropic work and social cause driven adventures.


The Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs introduced the YMCA Global Alternative Tourism Network (YMCA GATN) as a growth platform for Global Citizenship to thrive through Alternative Tourism in the Asia and Pacific region for all YMCA Countries including Malaysia. The YMCA of Kuala Lumpur took on this challenge in 2012 and received their first ever team of participants at the beginning of 2013.


Today, the YMCA GATN at YMCA KL has provided more than just experiential learning among its participants but also has rippled a greater benefit to all involving local hosts by contributing directly and indirectly to the development of core and surrounding communities as well as express solidarity with the various social causes driven by these communities.





GATN Immersion Themes

Get to experience an alternative culture of philanthropic travel!







Eco Challenge Immersion Project

Socio Cultural Immersion Project

Cause Driven Immersion Project

Local Treasures City Exploration

Local Treasures City Exploration

Local Treasures City Exploration

Have Fun & Learn Local Adventures

Have Fun & Learn Local Adventures

Have Fun & Learn Local Adventures



GATN Opportunities

Get to experience an alternative culture of philanthropic travel!


YMCA KL offer 3 things in every GATN packages:



Our GATN packages provide satisfaction through exploring the wonderful greens of our country, experiencing first hands traditional activities and lending helping hands to serve the community. All of these are done with utmost care and consideration towards the participants.



YMCA KL pride itself on the interaction of the participants with our local youths. Malaysia is known for its multiracial and multicultural. With our local youths originating from different cultures and backgrounds, feel free to ask them any questions as they are certain to try their best in providing the answers you are looking for.


Our GATN packages ignite interaction. Participants can choose to have a sharing session with our local youths on any current issues occurring around globe. Exchanging of though is greatly welcomed as this will enhance the interaction among the groups. Our local youths will also play their roles of being spontaneous tour guides where you can ask them questions wherever and whenever throughout your stay here in Kuala Lumpur.



You will not get the usual-textbook relaxation from your tone here in Kuala Lumpur. It is true that one should only relax on a vacation but where is the fulfilment in that? It is no different than to stay at home, lying on your comfortable bed with full blast breeze of the air-condition. That relaxation but nit a genuine ones.


A genuine relaxation comes from a fulfilled day of experiencing fruitful activities such as serving the community. As you serve the community together with the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur, relaxation comes in when you witness the joy and happiness of the community in which you have served. What is more relaxing than knowing you have done your part in easing the burden of a community? You will feel the utmost fulfilment in accomplishing your part while being in a tour.


"Your interaction and satisfaction comes from relaxation with our organisation"



GATN : Kuala Lumpur Spotify Playlist

We hope you will be able to enjoy songs about the different sides of Kuala Lumpur in this playlist.



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