Language Courses

Language Courses


Be the Global Citizen that you are!


Long before any language centres and before the social realization of language barriers in this evolving city, the Kuala Lumpur YMCA had already arranged the first Japanese Language Course, more than three decades ago. Now through experience and growth, the Kuala Lumpur YMCA Language Centre has been dedicated in preparing young men and women to confidently deal with the linguistic challenges in their daily lives besides gaining knowledge on the cultural experiences that complements it. Mastering a new language increases your marketability, thus positioning yourself on the rising demand as a globally adept individual not only at work but socially.



Language Courses

Level up your linguistic skills and be an expert!


The Kuala Lumpur YMCA Language Courses features adult-learning environment and approach that focuses on non-academic teaching methods by well qualified linguistic instructors from various fields and professions. Best of all is, we have among the most affordable fees for linguistic courses around!


Courses offered :


Bahasa Melayu Written & Conversational

French Written & Conversational

Communicative English Written & Conversational

Japanese Written & Conversational

Mandarin Written & Conversational

Korean Written & Conversational

Cantonese Conversational

Thai Conversational /Written & Conversational


Spanish Written & Conversational









Course Structure

With initial interest in a new language, each individual may or may not have a basic competency level. Therefore, every student would be assessed accordingly whether before or on the first day of lessons to assign their placements.  If you have inquiries on course contents, linguistic levels, teaching methodology, enrolment schedules and lesson requirements; please feel free to contact us by email, give us a call or just drop by to meet us at the Kuala Lumpur YMCA office during office hours [Monday-Friday from 9.30am to 5.30pm].








If you have enquires, contact us at:

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