YMCA KL Vendors & Third Parties

YMCA KL Vendors & Third Parties


Our work culture is based on collaboration, partnership and inclusion with equal opportunity for all including with companies and third parties who would like to work closely with us.


The Vendor’s Registration and Assessment Form is a form to assess the overall performance of the Association’s vendors which we are currently working with or plan to work with. This form will require the vendors to state their company details such as registration for GST, company registration, relevant financial information, description of business supplied/provided, their current clientele and relevant certificates as well as submission of all their relevant legal registration documents.



Set Rules For YMCA KL Vendors / Suppliers / Third Parties

Please read and consider the rules before moving on to Products and Services the YMCA KL Purchases.


All our vendors and suppliers are required to:-


·         Complete all information in the Vendor Registration & Assessment Form as soon as possible;

·         Furnish all applicable documents as stated in Item H. Checklist of Documents;

·         Write N/A (Not Applicable) if the questions do not apply to your company.




Products and Services the YMCA KL Purchases.

Please review the latest growing list of goods below.


All our vendors and suppliers are required to:-



·         Sports

o    Basketball jerseys, T-shirts, Coat, Uniforms

o    Football Field Maintenance



·         Housekeeping & Hostel Management

o    Bleach 10L, Hand Soap 10L, Multi-purpose clean 20L, Bowl Cleaner 20L, Power Pine Gel 20L, Blue Garbage Bag, Air Freshner Refill 300ml, Scotch Brite Scour Pad, Plastic Glass Cover, Flip Top Bin, Gloves, Garbage Bag 32” x 40” Black (L)

o    Drinking water 500ml bottle

o    Vacuum cleaner & paper filter bags

o    Bath towel 69x137cm 12lbs/doz White

o    Laundry services – Bed Sheet, Curtain, Duvet Cover, Duvet, Mattress Cover, Pillow Case, Skirting, Table Cloth, Towel

o    Bathing Soap 15g

o    Bed, mattress, pillow case, bed sheet, duvet, duvet cover, towel

o    Food Catering Services

o    Toilet Rolls & Jumbo Roll Tissue

o    Cleaning Services

o    Café Operators




·         Maintenance & Security Systems

o    CCTV

o    Security Services

o    Lift Maintenance & Servicing

o    Supply, maintenance & repair of water pumps

o    Repair of computers, IT support and related services

o    Maintenance of fire extinguishers, proved general services and renew Bomba certificates

o    Plumbing & General Repair Services

o    Repair ½” GI Piping Work

o    PLC-18W 6WL Copper Ballast (Choke), 18/20W Ballast (Choke), Fluorescent Tubes & Holders, Halogen Bulbs, PVC Connector, PVC Tape, Electronic Halogen Transformers

o    Pest Control – ants, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs

o    Air Conditioners – supply, maintenance & repair services

o    Banquet Tables and Chairs, White Boards

o    Table and Chairs for Boardroom & Office

o    Electrical repair & maintenance

o    Rubbish recycling



·         Stationary & Office Facilities

o    A4 paper 80gsm

o    Artline Stamp Pad, Masking Tape, Laminating Film. Flat File, White Board Ink 20cc, Staple, Rigid Sheet A4, Batteries, Artline Ink, A4 paper colored, CBE Document Holder, A3 Paper 80g, Correction Pens, Binding Tape 2”, Name Badge 983S, Lanyard Cotton 10mm, Scissors 6”, Plastic Fastener, Loytape 18mmx40m, Gum, Pencils, Paper Clips, Arch File 3”,

o    HP Laserjet P1102/P1102W Print Cartridge, Co,partible Q2612A Black Toner Cartridge, HP 12A Printer Toner for LJ3015, LBP-3050/3150 (1,500pgs)

o    Supply of computers, printers

o    Steel Filing Cabinets, Wooden Filing Cabinets

o    Office Partitions

o    Curtain & Floor Tiles

o    Tools & Equipment – Hardware

o    Time Attendance Equipment (Finger Print type)




·         Branding, Communications & Marketing

o    Printing of banners (inkjet)

o    Printing of Annual Report, brochures, bulletins, flyers

o    Printing of Facilities Request Forms, Name Cards, Letter Heads, Receipts, Temporary Membership Cards, Membership Forms & etc.



Vendor Registration & Assessment Form

Please download the form below.







All completed Vendor Registration & Assessment Form are to be delivered together with other required documents and to be posted to the YMCA of Kuala Lumpur to the attention of: Purchasing Department. If you have enquires, contact us at:

The YMCA of Kuala Lumpur

95, Jalan Padang Belia, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-22741439 (Ms, Shalini, Administrative Department)  |  ymcakl@ymcakl.com