Deaf Club

Deaf Club


Deaf Club, Inspiring empowerment through a tightly knit community of the Deaf


The Deaf Club provides an avenue for Deaf youths to gather, share information, lean on a tightly knit and supportive team of Deaf leaders and initiate projects on causes that are close to their hearts and community. The Deaf Club meets every Third (3rd) Sunday of the month for talks, workshops, sports competitions and outings with their members. It also holds weekly Capoeira Martial Arts Training for its own Members.



How To Join The Club

Learn how to be a part of the most impactful Deaf Club in the Klang Valley!


If you are a registered Deaf, Person With Disability (PWD) or Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU); and wish to sign up to be a Member of The YMCA of Kuala Lumpur, you will be eligible for a membership in the Deaf Club of Pusat Majudiri ‘Y’ in YMCA KL. Follow the four easy steps below to register:


·         Bring two (2) Passport Sized Photographs of yourself, a copy of your NRIC / Passport and your PWD/OKU Card.

·         Complete the YMCA KL Membership Application Form with your details.

·         Complete the Deaf Club Membership Application Form with your details.

·         Submit your payment of RM82.50 for your first year of Membership.



Deaf Club Basic Rules & Regulations

Please read this information on the monthly activities of the Deaf Club:

·         Monthly activities are free for Deaf Club Members and you may bring a friend as a guest and pay the Guest Fee for RM5.00*.

·         In addition to free entry to most of the Deaf Club Programmes, Members are also eligible for subsidy to participate in selected Deaf Club Events.

·         Members are reminded to carry the YMCA KL Membership Card at all times when at the YMCA KL and to use it for making payments at the Front Desk.



Deaf Club Monthly Activities

The Deaf Club meets every third (3rd) Sunday of the month for Seminars and Workshops.

Basketball and Volleyball Games for Deaf Club Members are held every Sunday.

Deaf Club Members are also encouraged to join the DeafBeat Drum Troupe and Deaf Club Capoeira Martial Arts Training.



All Year Long Deaf Empowerment @YMCAKL

Get to know our programmes for the development of the Deaf Community!













DC Indoor Games

DC Workshops

DC Extreme Outing

Capoeira For The Deaf



DC Travel

Sunday Basketball & Volleyball




Football For The Deaf With CIMB-PAN Disability Football Club








For enquires on Pusat Majudiri ‘Y’ Programmes, contact us at:

Pusat Majudiri ‘Y’ Dept. at the YMCA KL

95, Jalan Padang Belia, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-22741439  |